? Dog Works by Sarah located at 428 Chambers Rock Road in Landenberg PA
Dog Works by Sarah is located at 428 Chambers Rock Road in Landenberg PA.
Since 1988, Dog Works by Sarah has been providing top-notch grooming services.
Call 302-366-8161 for Dog Works by Sarah.
Home of Champion Thunder Road Sealyham Terriers Dog Works by Sarah, located at 428 Chambers Rock Road in Landenberg PA, is a premier grooming salon offering all breed grooming. You will love the level of service that Dog Works is providing customers in Newark, DE, and communities including Brookside, Pike Creek, Wilmington Manor, Elsmere, New Castle, Wilmington, Edgemoor, and Middletown. Customers from as far away as Annapolis MD, Philadelphia PA, and New York NY, and Corolla NC,  also travel to Dog Works, too. See what the barking is all about! Call 302-983-9077 today.

New customers are welcome and the salon offers comb out service, hand-stripping, deep conditioning, de-shed services, nail trimming and so much more. You will see and feel the difference that comes from trained and caring groomers. The whole family benefits when your dog being treated its very best at Dog Works by Sarah.

Dog Works will do everything they can to work with your dog at a price you can afford. Basic services at the Newark location includes nails, ears, bath, condition, anal glands expressed and haircut or trim. But please note that it does not include comb out, excessive shedding or aggressive behavior. We work hard to make your pet look its best.

The salon is owned by Sarah Hawks, one of the top grooming experts in the industry. Sarah has trained her staff of professionals, who deliver the highest quality of grooming you will find. Sarah is  known for her grooming expertise and has a long history as a professional groomer. For more information, CLICK HERE.

You can find day-to-day updates and observations on the Dog Works Facebook page.
If you have considered a career in pet grooming, Dog Works by Sarah can help you get the training you need to succeed. Dog Works has helped professional pet groomers by offering expert guidance, hands on training, and years of practical experience. Sarah Hawks is a National Certified Master Groomer and offers her apprenticeship programs with up to date methods and state-of-the-art equipment in a fun and fast-paced program. As a certifier for Master groomers, Sarah knows the latest techniques for modern grooming and encourages her students to be their best. Call for details on new classes and let Dog Works by Sarah help your dreams come true.
Grooming training classes are available at Dog Works by Sarah.
Mixed breeds are welcome and Dog Works is an All Breed Salon.
We use Les Poochs products. National Dog Groomers Association
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